Nino Chelidze

International Education Center

Nino Chelidze’s work experience started in 1990, at the Tbilisi State University as a Lecturer at the Department of Western European Studies. Starting from 1992, Ms. Chelidze represented ACTR/ACCELS in Georgia and managed Scholarship Programs such as Edmund E. Muskie Scholarship Program, Network Scholarships Program, etc. As a Representative of IREX (from 1996), she oversaw Regional Scholar Exchange Program and Contemporary Issues Program, helped develop Muskie Scholarship Alumni Association for Caucasus. In 2000 joined US Peace Corps as an Education Project Manager and supervised Secondary School and University Teaching Programs.

As of 2004 joined Roma Memorial University Scholarship Program in Open Society Foundations Budapest, Hungary and later managed Roma Education Fund Academic Scholarship Programs and Social Development Programs for 16 Central and Eastern European countries.

During 2012-2014, Nino led Internships Program with the Central European University in Budapest focused on wide range of Internship program schemes and Visiting Practitioners Programs, Professional Development and executive Education projects. In 2014, Nino Chelidze became the Head of International Education Center. The Center runs five operational programs, supporting development of academic field and professional public servants.